.slow technology is a series of experiments done at the PLAY studio at the Interactive Institute 1999-2002




...to design for reflectioN

...slow technology can be technology where the aesthetics of functionality, i.e., that the expression of functionality as such, rather than its objectives, is in focus. It is design concerned with how we relate to the expression of technology itself as we use it to do certain things. Slowness then comes as a consequence of a techno-aesthetical design philosophy that focuses on reflective and conscious use of the technology as such

...slow technology can also be technology where slowness of appearance and presence simply is inherent in the design for various reasons beyond pure aesthetics of functionality, design where time is a central and explicit notion. This is technology with focus on time presence


.to broaden our understanding of information technology as material for design, we work with a program for experimental interaction design called Slow Technology. Slow Technology is a design agenda for technology aimed at reflection and moments of mental rest rather than efficiency in performance. It is an investigation of the expressiveness of computational technology as design material with focus on time as a central design variable. We aim to work with basic issues in interaction design where the focus is on expressions and aesthetics rather than pure functionality. It is also an attempt to discuss the foundations for design of information technology



...design program in Journal of Personal and Ubiquitous Computing, Springer, May 2001 [pdf]

...or maybe some related notes on issues in interaction design, such as from use to presence; on the expressions and aesthetics of everyday computational things, (ACM Transactions of Computer-Human Interaction, June 2002) [pdf]
.there is also a PhD thesis on related issues called designing everyday computational things
,and a video covering most of the design projects done within slow technology (.mov) [73MB] [18MB]

.more recently (2006) we also published a book including the work on Slow Technology, called Interaction Design: Foundations, Experiments



...some projectS
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informative arT -
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...a note on fundinG

.this research has been sponsored by VINNOVA (the Swedish Agency for Innovation Systems) via "intelligenta miljöer", as part of the PROMODIS program, and "vardagsinformatik", as part of "Användardriven IT-utveckling" (user-centred IT-development)


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