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...(1999) the chatterboX

.the ChatterBox continuously "listens" for the e-mails and electronic documents that are sent around at, e.g., an office. It then analyses the material and stores the sentences and information about syntax in a database. In parallel, the ChatterBox continuously "talks" by generating novel sentences based on the material in the database. It does so by recombining material by swapping words between sentences. Finally, the sentences are visualised in the corridor, the lunchroom or another public place

.the ChatterBox can serve as a very slow tool for workplace awareness in the sense that each time one takes a look at it, a small and distorted fragment of the original material will be presented. At first, the appearance of the ChatterBox will seem as a rather ordinary random text-generator, but over time, one will be able to recognise parts of sentences, words and sentence structures. Over time, one will slowly form an understanding of the underlying material and finally even an understanding of the rules according to which the sentences are generated. Or maybe not...

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