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.informative art is computer augmented, or amplified, works of art that not only are aesthetical objects but also information displays, in as much as they dynamically reflect information about their environment

.in more traditional forms of information visualisation, a central design problem is how to create a structure that represents the information as efficiently as possible. In informative art, these structures are often more or less given by the conventions of what posters and pictures might be like in order to fit into the desired environment, or by some other set of aesthetical preferences. Thus, an important problem is how to make these structures carry the desired set of information

.for instance, we have experimented with displaying time structures in terms of various "clocks". In one clock inspired by Y. Kleins monochromes, colours and time structures interprets certain properties of given information and a clock slowly displaying time in terms of small changes in colour of a simple geometrical structure. We have also experimented with mapping the dynamics of information structures onto the geometrics of Mondrian-like displays and with techniques such as generative grammars and Lindenmayer systems to be able to map information to the complexity of a pattern or composition

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...paper from DARE 2000, Elsinore, Denmark [pdf]
...project continued by Tobias Skog et al at the Viktoria Institute.
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