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...(2001) textile displayS

.we have worked with how traditional materials, in this case textiles, can be used to investigate aspects of the expressiveness and aesthetics of computational technology as design material. In this project, we have used elementary acts of information technology use as a starting point. Information-handling acts such as opening, writing and reading information, have been re-interpreted using textile artefacts, i.e., we have sketched various ways in which a textile artefact can manifest a given information-handling act  

.the results are a kind of "abstract information appliances", i.e., things designed on basis of some elementary form of use, but where the expressions of use, rather than functionality in a more practical and concrete sense, are in focus

.the Information Deliverer was exhibited at Borås art museum in November-December 2001. It is a device for delivering information by means of pieces of fabric being blown out from ten large plastic tubes.


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