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.the basic acts of using information technology can be characterised as reading and writing information: we write information as we type commands on the keyboards or draw figures with the mouse; we read information represented as, e.g., graphs and text on the screen .in this project, we concentrated on the acts of reading and writing information in everyday life through everyday activities. We can, for instance, think about how we use thermostats to control heating, on/off switches for lamps to control lighting, or how we use doorbells to call for attention. These activities are very different from reading and writing texts using information technology, but they are elementary examples of situations where we interact with technology by reading and writing information

.to explore this, we created a number of devices to be used as a part of an everyday environment. Examples include the Fan House, the Sail House, the Chest of Drawers, the Paper Recycler, the Lamp Foot, the Fabric Door, the Tray and the Block Bench. We aimed at exposing the aesthetics of computational material by amplifying and transcending acts of "reading" and "writing" information, such as: reading from public displays; communicating through devices, e.g., pressing doorbells; opening and closing closet doors, pulling out and pushing in drawers; entering and leaving a room, e.g., peering into, looking out, kicking the door open, slamming the door, etc.

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