Window Frames as Areas for Information Visualization

Staffan Björk and Johan Redström
PLAY Research Studio, Interactive Institute


We describe how the frames of document windows can be used as areas for visualizing information about a document. A number of design examples are presented as illustrations of how users can be supported with contextual information about a document in a way that does not interfere with the visual presentation of the document itself. A ChangeIndicator is used as an example of how information can be mapped to basic design variables of a frame, such as its color. More complex visualizations can be achieved by mapping information about parts of documents to parts or details of the frame. This is illustrated with a ReadabilityViewer. Finally, the ScrollSearcher is presented as an example of how the results of processes and functions can be visualized in the frames of a document.

Window frames, borders, scrollbars, contextual information

In: Proceedings of NordiCHI 2002, pp. 247-250, ACM Press. [PDF]


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johan redström